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  • RIEGLER & Co. KG has been an innovative partner for the compressed air technology and pneumatics sector for over 80 years and is one of the largest suppliers in Germany today. Our range comprises...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | Sisekummid | Manomeetrid | metrology | pneumatic and hydraulic motors
  • NITTO KOHKI Deutschland GmbH is a world-famous Japanese designer and manufacturer of pumps and compressors, quick-release couplings, and tools. The air compressors, vacuum pumps and liquid pumps are...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | Pumbad | Kompressorid | Vaakumpumbad | Suruõhusidurid
  • mayr® is one of the most traditional, but also most innovative German companies specialising in drive technology. From humble beginnings in 1897 to becoming the market leader for safety couplings and...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | Alalisvoolumootorid | compensation clutches | permanent magnet clutches | elastomer clutches
  • As an expert partner to numerous industrial cleaning businesses, we focus on a wide array of accessories for super suction machines, air conveyor systems, suction dredgers and various other...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | Tööstuslikud eemaldusseadmed | Tõrv ja asfalt - ehitusmaterjalid | Veepuhastus - masinad ja seadmed | industrial desiccants
  • Kas näete seda? Teie potentsiaalsed kliendid näevad seda samuti Ometi ei leia nad teid üles, ehkki olete oma tegevusalal üks paremaid! Suurendage oma nähtavust EUROPAGES'iga
  • Founded by my grandfather in 1946, our family-run company has been continually developing ever since in line with the market requirements – from a spare parts manufacturer for the mining industry to...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | compensation clutches | elastomer clutches | lamellar joints | shaft clutch
  • TAS Schäfer GmbH develops innovative new products for drive technology and damping technology (friction springs and industrial buffers). State-of-the-art production facilities fitted with the latest...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | shaft clutch | locking sets | clamping elements | clamping sets
  • Over its 80-year history, Schübel Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG has made a name for itself as a specialised technical dealer for drive and industrial technology with product expertise and...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | Veoelemendid | Lintkonveierid | Hõõrdumisvastased laagrid | Kuullaagrid
  • SGF, headquartered in Waldkraiburg, Bavaria, is a globally recognized partner of the automotive industry and is used in industrial applications across all industries. The company has developed into...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | elastomer clutches | rubber-metal connections | shaft clutch | cord-reinforced flexible couplings
  • PTMotion is the joint venture of American companies Belden and Ruland, who specialize in force transmission components for drive technology, such as precision couplings with no play (shaft couplings,...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | Mehaanilised ülekandesüsteemid ja -komponendid | articulated transmissions and components, mechanical | tightening clamps | bellows coupling
  • RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION is the global market leader in the niche markets of drive technology and is well regarded for its customer-specific, application-oriented solutions that ensure excellent...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | mechanical drives | flexible multi-plate couplings for combustion engines | compensation clutches | locking sets
  • Our high-quality pneumatic and electrical handling modules and axes are used primarily in automatic assembly machines. The DOMINO products originated within the company Landis & Gyr and have been...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | Masinaehitus - eritellimustööd | linear axes | pneumatic components | hydraulic and pneumatic components
  • The terms "fire hose" and "firefighting hose" refer to all types of hose that are used by fire brigades in the event of a fire and include both firefighting suction hoses and firefighting pressure...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | Kummist tööstustarbed | Sisekummid | flexible tubing | fire-fighting hoses
  • HYTORC Technologies is a manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic products that are used in the construction and maintenance of industrial facilities and infrastructures around the world. Founded in...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | Hüdroventiilid | Stabilisaatorid | Manomeetrid | Kolbpumbad
  • The name Liedtke has stood for the development and manufacture of innovative, computer-controlled drive technology for coating, winding and special machines for over 30 years. Our team flexibly and...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | brakes | suspension tester | pull force meter | push force meter
  • Every success story starts with an idea. This is where norelem can help you turn your machine building and systems engineering dreams into reality with a unique selection of standardised parts and...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | Import ja eksport - masinaehitus | tool manufacturing | aluminium profiles | spring plungers
  • Since 1951, WALTHER-PRÄZISION, Carl Kurt Walther GmbH & Co. KG (est.1931), has been developing and manufacturing mono and multi couplings, as well as docking systems that are used wherever liquids,...
    Tarnija: Sidurid | Pneumosidurid | Suruõhusidurid | safety clutches | quick connector
  • As a solution provider, Kendrion develops, manufactures and markets innovative, high-quality electromagnetic and mechatronic systems and components for customers located all over the world.
    Tarnija: Sidurid | Pidurid, võimendpidurid ja lisad | electromagnetic brakes | brakes and clutches | machine tools for brakes and clutches
  • Tarnija: Sidurid | Moto-reduktorid
  • Tarnija: Sidurid
  • Tarnija: Sidurid | Mehaanilised pidurid
  • Tarnija: Sidurid | Kuul-, nõel- ja rull-laagrid | Sõidukite pidurid | Väntvõllilaagrid | Automatiseerimissüsteemid ja -seadmed
  • Tarnija: Sidurid
  • Tarnija: Sidurid | Hüdraulikaseadmed | Hüdrosilindrid | Hüdroventiilid
  • Tarnija: Sidurid | epicyclic reduction gears | industrial reducers
  • Tarnija: Sidurid | Hammasrattad | Kuullaagrid | Moto-reduktorid | Hõõrdumisvastased laagrid
  • Tarnija: Sidurid | Sõidukite mehaanilised komponendid ja varuosad | mechanical gearboxes | wall ties | camshafts
  • Tarnija: Sidurid | Moto-reduktorid | transmission engines | gearboxes | ball screw
  • Tarnija: Sidurid | Hammasrattad | transmission gears | drives | linear guides
  • Tarnija: Sidurid | Hüdrosilindrid | Hüdroreaktorid | hydraulic clutches | top hats
  • Tarnija: Sidurid | shaft clutch | safety clutches | mechanical jacks | extension springs
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