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  • IIDS Group is a French specialist in technical matting and floor coverings for professionals. We provide carpets and coatings for all types of establishments that are open to the public. A complete...
    Tarnija: Plastist põrandakatted | Vaibad ja vaipkatted | play area safety flooring | industrial floor coating | entrance hall mats
  • Development, construction and production of casting parts from all areas of industry. As a system supplier of parts and assemblies, we support you as early as the development phase and design your...
    Tarnija: Plastist põrandakatted | Plastist kodutarbed | Teras | Alumiinium ja alumiiniumsulamid | Alumiiniumvalukojad
  • The JEDI Kunststofftechnik GmbH is one of the leading international manufacturers of soft PVC rolls, panels and sheeting as well as strip curtains of various widths. The recipe to JEDI...
    Tarnija: Plastist põrandakatted | Plastist kodutarbed | Plastist pooltooted | Kummi- ja plasttorud | Plastprofiilid
  • This is made possible by in-house tool manufacturing and a flexible team. You can respond to new trends and implement completely new innovations. We will help you to do this – quickly, reliably and,...
    Tarnija: Plastist põrandakatted | Plastist kodutarbed | Kummi- ja plasttorud | Plastmassid - tööstuslikud toormaterjalid | Tööstuslikud plasttooted
  • Kas näete seda? Teie potentsiaalsed kliendid näevad seda samuti Ometi ei leia nad teid üles, ehkki olete oma tegevusalal üks paremaid! Suurendage oma nähtavust EUROPAGES'iga
  • Clippy®: A floor for every application. Made in Germany for over 35 years. Clippy® floor gratings were designed for the industrial sector, are highly resilient and resistant to conventional lyes,...
    Tarnija: Plastist põrandakatted | catering | stall mats | bakery | butcher's shop
  • The company specialises in trading in aluminium foil, aluminium strips and aluminium-based foil, such as composite aluminium foil and self-adhesive aluminium strips. Our products are used in...
    Tarnija: Plastist põrandakatted | Kummi- ja plasttorud | Tööstuslikud plasttooted | Plastpakendid | Plastkatted ja -laminaadid
  • Kunststoff-Extrusion Lehmann GmbH is a new, young and innovative family company, but its experience and knowledge is a tried and tested process that has continually developed over decades. We produce...
    Tarnija: Plastist põrandakatted | Plastipressimismasinad | Tihendid ja tihendusmaterjalid | Kummitooted | Kummi- ja plasttorud
  • Our product range includes furniture fronts and applications, trays and shells, anti-slip surfaces, panelling for the caravan industry, displays, hoods and housings, trays, anti-slip mats, cutlery...
    Tarnija: Plastist kodutarbed | Plastist põrandakatted | Tööstuslikud plasttooted | Maskeerimisrõivad | Plasttooted mööblitööstusele
  • Our experience for your top quality success – from a single source. At acrytec flooring, no two jobs are the same. Every solution is precisely tailored to customer requirements. Our specialist advice...
    Tarnija: Plastist põrandakatted | Maaparandus | Plastkatted | industrial floor coating | renovation of industrial floors
  • Sunstar is a component supplier of the innovative one-component formed-in-place gaskets (FIPG). Fast heat- and moisture-curing combined with the easiest plant technology.
    Tarnija: Plastist põrandakatted | Tööstuslikud plastmassi tootmise masinad ja seadmed | Anorgaanilise keemia toorained ja derivaadid | Orgaanilise keemia toormaterjalid ja derivaadid | Vaigud
  • As a small and innovative company, we have specialised in producing the ideal rubber flooring for all areas. Be it in a stable, sport in general or on the pitch, our team will always be a...
    Tarnija: Plastist põrandakatted | stall mats | mats | rubber mats made to measure | elastic carpets
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  • Tarnija: Plastist põrandakatted | Tööstuslik kummipõrand | Dekoratiivkangad
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  • Tarnija: Plastist põrandakatted | Tõstetud põrandad | Tööstuslik kummipõrand | Dekoratiivkangad

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