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  • We are your tubing manufacturer for high-temperature tubing, blower tubing, polyurethane tubing, specialist tubing and polyamide tubing. We also supply film tubes, silicon tubing and exhaust tubing....
    Tarnija: Inner tubes | plastic tubes | chemical tubing | polyurethane tubing | flexible tubing
  • LOUVRETTE has specialised in the development and production of top-quality plastic packaging solutions for the cosmetics industry for more than half a century.
    Tarnija: plastic tubes | Plasttooted rõivatööstusele | Pakendamine | Plastpakendid | Plastpudelid ja -purgid
  • Our sphere of activity has always been plastic packaging for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Whenever a customer needs a plastic tube, container or bottle, they have come to the right...
    Tarnija: plastic tubes | aluminium tubes | tubes (packaging) | Pakendamine | plastic boxes
  • Company specialising in the manufacture of flexible tubes, cannulas, catheters and lip tubes. Continual technological progress and a competitive and aggressive marketplace force companies to offer...
    Tarnija: plastic tubes | rigid tubes | Plastpakendid | Sõeltrükk | custom made containers
  • Kas näete seda? Teie potentsiaalsed kliendid näevad seda samuti Ometi ei leia nad teid üles, ehkki olete oma tegevusalal üks paremaid! Suurendage oma nähtavust EUROPAGES'iga
  • Tarnija: plastic tubes | Plastikud - tööstusmasinad ja -seadmed | plastic profiles
  • Tarnija: plastic tubes | aluminium tubes | Pakkimis- ja pakendamismasinad ja -seadmed | soft tubes for cosmetic creams | soft tubes for pharmaceutical creams
  • Tarnija: plastic tubes | Plastprofiilid | drawn plastic goods | extrusion of plastic profile sections | piping bindings
  • Tarnija: plastic tubes | Tööstusseadmete rent | Aerosoolipudelid | cans | aluminium cans
  • Tarnija: plastic tubes | Ehitusmaterjalid | construction materials | plastic pipe fittings
  • Tarnija: plastic tubes | Plastpakendid | plastic tray | promotional support equipment | plastic articles for household use
  • Tarnija: plastic tubes | Vaigud | elektriseadmed
  • Tarnija: plastic tubes | Plastpakendid | childproof caps
  • Tarnija: plastic tubes | Plastist isolatsioonipakendid
    Debrecen - UNGARI
    Tarnija: plastic tubes | Painduvad torud - värvilisest metallist
    Istanbul - TÜRGI
    Tarnija: plastic tubes | Ehitustööstuse plastid
  • Tarnija: plastic tubes | Kummi ja plasti töötlemine | Kummi ja plasti ekstrusioon
  • Tarnija: Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic | plastic tubes
    Erzincan - TÜRGI
    Tarnija: Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic | plastic tubes | plastic pipe fittings
    Tarnija: Fittings, pipe, tube and hose - plastic | plastic tubes | extrusion of plastic materials
  • For almost 20 years we have been the partner of choice specialising in shrink tubing, insulating tubing, protective hose and cable tie solutions for a number notable companies. We maintain almost...
    Tarnija: Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic | Inner tubes | plastic material - tubes and pipes | plastic pipes, tubes and hoses | ptfe tubes
  • Present on the market since 1981 and certified ISO 9001, ISO TS16949 and ISO 14001, Errecinque is the sector's leading company in the manufacture of pipes for the transmission of all fluids on...
    Tarnija: Fittings, pipe, tube and hose - plastic | Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic | Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic | flexible tubing | Painduvad torud - värvilisest metallist
  • ...masts • Plastic radomes • Winding tubes made from glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) • Design offices for structural engineering • Overhead line masts• Design offices for plastics technology...
    Tarnija: Tööstuslikud plasttooted | Tööstuskonsultandid | pressure tanks | fireplaces | installation of fibre optics
  • ...and sale of plastic profiles and tubes for the automotive, furnishing and electrical industries, mechanical engineering, air conditioning, window construction, the sanitary sector and structural and...
    Tarnija: Plastprofiilid | pvc profiles | co-extruded profiles | fibreglass products | special profiles
  • ...thermoplasts, moulded parts made from thermosets, plastic parts for high-temperature applications, plastic parts, segment tubing, development of plastic parts, conveyor belts for textile machines
    Tarnija: segment tubing | Kummi ja plasti töötlemine | Plastist pooltooted | Kuullaagrid | coolant hoses
  • Sena Plastics AG was formed when the plastics technology division of Angenstein AG split off as part of a management buyout by the long-standing departmental manager, Mr. Serge Naegelin, who was...
    Tarnija: plastic tubes for ventilation technology | tube components | Tööstuslikud kütteseadmed | ventilation components | flanges for industrial piping
  • Orbitalum Tools develops and produces portable tube saws, tube facing machines, pipe end handling machines, orbital welding machines, as well as closed and open weld heads. The machinery is used in...
    Tarnija: Fittings, pipe, tube and hose - plastic | Metallivormimistööpingid - varuosad ja tarvikud | Metallitöötlemispingid - tagavaraosad ja tarvikud | Tööpingid - metalli töötlemine | Lõikamine - tööpingid
  • The JEDI Kunststofftechnik GmbH is one of the leading international manufacturers of soft PVC rolls, panels and sheeting as well as strip curtains of various widths. The recipe to JEDI...
    Tarnija: Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic | Plastist pooltooted | Plastprofiilid | Plastkiled ja -lehed | Tööstuslikud plasttooted
  • Grüning & Loske GmbH stands for a successful combination of products and services. Good ideas, the latest technology and many years of tradition as a technical trader, we add to innovative solutions...
    Tarnija: Fittings, pipe, tube and hose - plastic | Inner tubes | plastic pipes, tubes and hoses | Kummitorud | Plastkatted
  • HECKER® ● PLEXIGLAS® ALTUGLAS® MAKROLON® LEXAN® ● Transparent plastic components for industry – research – design ● HECKER® has been offering top-quality products since 1920. HECKER® produces and...
    Tarnija: protective tubes made from plastic | Armeeritud plastide vormimine | Lehtplast | semi-finished plastic products | acrylic plastic materials
  • ATHEX is a manufacturer of light-permeable tubes (45–450 mm diameters), profiles and machining parts made from acrylic (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC). Our customers predominantly operate in the...
    Tarnija: led plastic tubes | tubes for pneumatic tube systems | Plastprofiilid | plastic hoses | extruded pipes
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