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  • Our assistance saves you time and money: LEINIGEN is your wholesaler and system provider for C-parts, standard parts, operating and machine elements as well as assemblies for mechanical engineering...
    Tarnija: gears | Kruvid | Harilikud laagrid | bow handles | articulated heads
  • Italgear, a leading precision gear manufacturing company, operates from its 5000 m² premises. Our industrial group covers the whole production cycle for making ground and deburred cylindrical gears,...
    Tarnija: Ülekandemehhanismid | gears | transmission gearing | gear drive shafts | bevel gear pairs for transmissions
  • ZaMa GmbH & Co KG manufactures user-specific components for drive technology. As a supplier of components for gearing technology, like cogwheels, spur gears, internal gearing, bevel gears, worm...
    Tarnija: gears | helical bevel gears | cylinder gears | industrial gear cutters | contract gear tooth cutting
  • Rubini is precision engineering company with over 30 years' experience, boasting highly expert staff and its own vehicle fleet it is able to meet its clients' demands in full, manufacturing high...
    Tarnija: Ülekandemehhanismid | gears | transmission gearing | Freesimine - teras ja metall | Täppismehaanika
  • Kas näete seda? Teie potentsiaalsed kliendid näevad seda samuti Ometi ei leia nad teid üles, ehkki olete oma tegevusalal üks paremaid! Suurendage oma nähtavust EUROPAGES'iga
  • Design and manufacture of medium and large gear pairs for use in the study and development of special reduction gears, moving parts or machines not available on the market.
    Tarnija: Ülekandemehhanismid | gears | transmission gearing | cylinder gears | gears for goods hoists
  • A solution that takes you further. That is the drive system from spn. Customized drive solutions from SPN ensure that mechanical energy gets to where it is needed precisely and reliably all over the...
    Tarnija: gears | cylinder gears | epicyclic reduction gears | worm reduction gears | Moto-reduktorid
  • New and used MACHINE-TOOLS - SALES and repairs. Presses, shears, press-brakes, hoists, milling machines, drilling machines, bending machines, polishing machines, grinders, machinery for aluminium...
    Tarnija: gears | Põllutöömasinad | Tööstuslikud metallipressid | shears | industrial machinery
  • Tarnija: gears | Armeeritud plastide vormimine | thermoplastic materials | railway | connectors
  • Tarnija: gears | Elektrimootorid ja varuosad | engines
  • Tarnija: gears | industrial gear cutters | Metallitöötlemispingid - tagavaraosad ja tarvikud | milling machines | turning
  • Tarnija: gears | Masinaehitus - eritellimustööd | mechanically welded constructions | machining of metals | forged parts
  • Tarnija: gears | Reduktorid | Kiirusesuurendid
  • Tarnija: gears | Mehaanilised ülekandesüsteemid ja -komponendid | pulleys
  • Tarnija: gears | Mehaanilised ühenduskomponendid | reduction units
  • Tarnija: gears | Mehaanilised ülekandesüsteemid ja -komponendid | Masinaehitus - eritellimustööd | metal milling
    Reutlingen - SAKSAMAA
    Tarnija: gears | Hammasrattad | toothed belts
  • Tarnija: gears | Kruvid | Täppismehaanika
  • Tarnija: Ülekandemehhanismid | gears | external grinding
  • Tarnija: gears | Tööstushooldus | machine-tools
  • Tarnija: gears | Mehaanilised ülekandesüsteemid ja -komponendid | machining
  • Tarnija: gears | Mehaanilised ülekandesüsteemid ja -komponendid | racks
  • Tarnija: Ülekandemehhanismid | gears | auto parts
    Tarnija: Ülekandemehhanismid | gears | gearboxes
    Torino - ITAALIA
    Tarnija: gears | Tööstusdetailid | mechanical components
    Madignano - ITAALIA
    Tarnija: Ülekandemehhanismid | gears | transmission gearing
  • Tarnija: Ülekandemehhanismid | gears | transmission gears
  • Our success is based on our established specialist knowledge, our extremely extensive experience and our outstanding commitment. Your specialist in drive technology. We have been developing,...
    Tarnija: Ülekandemehhanismid | epicyclic reduction gears | epicycloidal gear reducers | transmission gears | elevator gear units
  • The company F.B Srl started in 1973 as a boring and gear deburring workshop for third parties. Since the mid-90s, the company has experienced strong growth in terms of infrastructure, personnel,...
    Tarnija: Ülekandemehhanismid | Kammlõikurid | precision broaching machines for metalworking | quality control | racks
  • Our company was founded in 1990. Since the beginning of our presence we have maintained contact with the biggest European and American manufacturers. We are specialized in the import of the...
    Tarnija: Ülekandemehhanismid | Harilikud laagrid | bearings | importer of bearings | power transmission components
  • C.T. Ingranaggi operates from its 1450 m² premises with a 17-strong workforce are able to transform raw materials into finished products. The finished product: Cogwheels, splined shafts, shaft...
    Tarnija: Ülekandemehhanismid | ring gears | Mehaanilised ülekandesüsteemid ja -komponendid | slotting | grinding
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