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  • We are DEMAN Europe, a Germany-based company that acts as your contact for the whole of Europe. Our Bielefeld site is a central location in the middle of eastern Westphalia. Spare parts, mechanical...
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  • Düsterloh has been developing, producing and selling hydraulic and pneumatic motors for more than 100 years. Customers form the world over value the absolute reliability of the radial, axial and...
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  • Gi.fa. Trasmissioni markets a vast range of products delivered throughout Italy and Europe: electric motors (asynchronous three phase motors; self-braking three-phase asynchronous motors; motors with...
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  • We have been manufacturing worm gears and worm geared motors that are utilised in almost all industrial sectors for nearly 65 years. Thanks to concentrating on this product area and long standing...
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  • Kas näete seda? Teie potentsiaalsed kliendid näevad seda samuti Ometi ei leia nad teid üles, ehkki olete oma tegevusalal üks paremaid! Suurendage oma nähtavust EUROPAGES'iga
  • We supply plant manufacturers and users of mechanical drive technology. Within the drive technology sector, our products are a key component of conveyor installations, cooling towers, waste sewage...
    Tarnija: epicyclic reduction gears | Moto-reduktorid | drives | frequency regulators | industrial reducers
  • Founded in 1966, Rollstar became the first manufacturer to supply both hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes in 1968. This resulted in the emergence of the hydraulic gear motor concept. Since that...
    Tarnija: epicyclic reduction gears | Moto-reduktorid | Vedelikajamiga pidurid | cylindrical gears | hydraulic motors
  • Founded in September 2008, SigGear employs a group of highly qualified technical staff in gear and transmission production, a range of automated high-precision machining systems and key expertise in...
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  • Since the founding of Franz Morat GmbH in 1912, gear and drive engineering has been in a continuous state of development at the company’s headquarters in Eisenbach. With subsidiaries in the United...
    Tarnija: epicyclic reduction gears | Hammasrattad | cylinder gears | transmissions | slip-on gear motors
  • Our success is based on our established specialist knowledge, our extremely extensive experience and our outstanding commitment. Your specialist in drive technology. We have been developing,...
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  • A solution that takes you further. That is the drive system from spn. Customized drive solutions from SPN ensure that mechanical energy gets to where it is needed precisely and reliably all over the...
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  • Neugart is a family-owned company among gearbox manufacturers. Founded in 1928, Neugart remains in family hands, now in the fourth generation. Neugart develops, produces and sells planetary gearboxes...
    Tarnija: epicyclic reduction gears | Mehaanilised ülekandesüsteemid ja -komponendid | transmission gears | industrial reducers | right angle gearbox
  • Tarnija: epicyclic reduction gears | Sidurid | industrial reducers
  • Tarnija: epicyclic reduction gears | Elektrimootorid ja varuosad | Tööstuskeraamika | Automaatpilootseadmed | torque limiters
  • Tarnija: epicyclic reduction gears | Moto-reduktorid | Reduktorid | geared motors with fractional power
  • Tarnija: epicyclic reduction gears | Moto-reduktorid | coaxial reducers | speed reducers | speed variators for transmissions
  • Tarnija: epicyclic reduction gears | Reduktorid | Moto-reduktorid | speed variators for transmissions | precision reducers
  • Tarnija: epicyclic reduction gears | Väikerattad | racks | accessories and spare parts
    Schio (Vi) - ITAALIA
    Tarnija: epicyclic reduction gears | Kiirusemuundurid ja reduktorid | Reduktorid | orthogonal reducers | special reducers
  • Tarnija: epicyclic reduction gears | worm reduction gears | Tööpingid - metalli vormimine | Kohrutuspingid
    Ponte San Nicolò - ITAALIA
    Tarnija: Gears | epicyclic crowns | splined shafts | cylindrical sprocket wheels | work to drawing on pulleys and gears
  • Tarnija: gears | reduction units | Mehaanilised ühenduskomponendid
  • Tarnija: Gears | reduction units | Mehaanilised ülekandesüsteemid ja -komponendid | Mehaanilised ühenduskomponendid | manufacture and repair of speed reduction units
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