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  • Tarnija: Metallitooted | metal broaching | construction broaches | reduction bushes for spindles | special tools
  • Tarnija: Metallitooted | Valtsimine - teras ja metall | Terase ja metalli stantsimine | brioche moulds | cutting moulds
  • Tarnija: Metallitooted | pallet shelving | franchise and chainstore outlet fitting | warehouse furnishings
  • Tarnija: Metallitooted
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    Travedona Monate - ITAALIA
    Tarnija: Metallitooted
    Gaggiano - ITAALIA
    Tarnija: Metallitooted | security railings | security grid
    Milano - ITAALIA
    Tarnija: Metallitooted
    Mazzano - ITAALIA
    Tarnija: Metallitooted
  • Tarnija: Metallitooted
  • Since 1975 VI.FER.M.E.C.A. has been specialised in the design and manufacture of injection moulds for plastics and high quality injection plastic moulding. Three CAD/CAM stations for mould design;...
    Tarnija: Täppisvormid | Plastmassi- ja kummitööstuses kasutatavad vormid | Kummi ja plasti pritsevormimine | Plastmaterjalide vormimine | Armeeritud plastide vormimine
  • Handles, grips, locking systems, shutter systems, mosquito net hinges. Design and manufacture of moulds, thermoplastic items moulding , accessories for doors and windows, plastic materials.
    Tarnija: Plastmassi- ja kummitööstuses kasutatavad vormid | Plasttooted mööblitööstusele | moulding rubber | technical articles in plastic | plastics processing
  • Presma produces injection machines for plastic materials, machines for manufacturing heels, soles and lasts, and special BIC series rotary presses for manufacturing dual component technical parts.
    Tarnija: Plastmassi- ja kummitööstuses kasutatavad vormid | Plastipuhustusmasinad | Kummi ja plasti pritsevormimine | Jalatsitootmismasinad | Tööstuslikud plastmassi tootmise masinad ja seadmed
  • O.C.S. manufactures steel compression, injection and transfer moulds for gaskets and precision engineering goods in rubber: O-rings, frames, washers, beads, flanges, membranes, caps. Other services:...
    Tarnija: Plastmassi- ja kummitööstuses kasutatavad vormid | Pinnatöötlus ja pindamine - teras ja metall | injection moulding | moulds for rubber | moulds for plastic materials
  • Adriatica Molle was founded in 1977. The company manufactures a wide range of products for the construction of springs thanks to the combination of experience and technology and the use of high-tech...
    Tarnija: Spiraalvedrud | Vedrud | compression springs | torsion springs | springs
  • Gruppo Remer has been manufacturing steel cable for the Italian and international markets for almost 100 years. Everything we make is 100% manufactured at our production base in San Benedetto del...
    Tarnija: Terastraadid ja -kaablid | cables for forest machinery | steel swivel hooks | cables for excavation work | cables for fishing
  • Since 1977, we have produced gratings, profiles and structures in glass-reinforced plastic, a material better known as glass fibre.Profile sections are manufactured on accordance with EN 13706, and...
    Tarnija: Metallrestid | Rasked katelsepatööd | Värvilisest metallist profiil ja vardad | Käsipuud ja piirded | walkway
  • Fratelli Pagnin is a spring manufacturing company established in 1965 to produce new coil springs. The company's precision springs guarantee extremely accurate linear deflection as they eliminate...
    Tarnija: Täppisvedrud | Eritellimusel valmistatud vedrud | Vedrud | Vedruteraslatid | Mööbli vask- ja rauddetailid ja -esemed
  • Euroflex has been present on the Italian and international market for over 20 years, with a wide range of products from finishing and polishing disks to resin pads for fine polishing and surface...
    Tarnija: Lihvimisseadmed ja -materjalid | Kereparandusmasinad ja -seadmed | Lihvimine - teras ja metall | Mehaanilised abrasiivid | abrasive pastes
  • Packaging for high-quality industrial uses, with a vast assortment of capacities and formats. Steel packaging for: dyes, paints, solvents, inks, glues, etc. Packaging for hazardous goods.
    Tarnija: Konteinerid, metallist | Metallpakendid ja -pakkematerjalid | Eripakendamine | containers for inflammable liquids | metal containers
  • On the strength of its efforts, MCS has developed into a key company for mould design and mould-making. The main automobile manufacturers count on its drafting precision, development speed and mould...
    Tarnija: Plastmassi- ja kummitööstuses kasutatavad vormid | Metallvaluvormid | mould design | moulds | plastic moulds
  • Today, the trust of hundreds of customers around the world, with OVER 200 BESPOKE COMPONENTS PRODUCED and hundreds of items still in production, METAL CONSUMPTION of almost 1 MILLION KG PER ANNUM,...
    Tarnija: Külmvaltsitud profiil | Terase ja metalli stantsimine | steel moulding | cold stamping of metal | metal moulding
  • Dellas Spa is an Italian company that, over the past 40 years, has emerged as a leading international manufacturer and seller of diamond-tipped tools for working marble, granite and engineered stone....
    Tarnija: Abrasiivkettad | Abrasiivsed lihvimiskivid | Teemanttööriistad | diamond-tipped grinding wheels | diamond blades
  • Manufacture of special profiles according to plan. Profile machining. Drilling, cropping, bending, shaping, punching, laser welding, assembly, manufacture of special parts according to...
    Tarnija: Mustmetallprofiil | Mustmetallprofiil ja -vardad | Keevitamine - teras ja metall | metal forming | sections for the shipbuilding industry
  • C.M.O makes light alloy die-casting moulds for use essentially in the automobile, domestic appliances and electronics sectors. Founded in the 1980s, it has succeeded in gaining a foothold in the...
    Tarnija: Metallvaluvormid | steel for dies | moulds | brioche moulds | spark erosion
  • Trafileria Lecchese SRL benefits from a number of years experience in the field of steel wire for roller springs and wire drawn bars. We manufacture: wire for mechanical springs, wire for cables,...
    Tarnija: Traadi tõmbamine - mustast metallist | Terastraadid ja -kaablid | Traadid ja kaablid - mustast metallist | Noolutamine - teras ja metall | drawn iron
  • HEINRICH KIPP WERK is a manufacturer in the clamping technology, standard elements and operating parts sector. The company produces at its site in Germany using a wide range of machinery. The...
    Tarnija: Magnetid | Kinnitusvahendid | Mutrid ja poldid | Poldimutrid | Kruvid
  • For more than 60 years, Trancerie Emiliana has been dealing with: slicing, pressure moulding, cutting lines, die construction. The company studies new projects for product optimisation. After...
    Tarnija: Täppisvormid | Metallvaluvormid | Magnetseadmed | Lehtmetall ja torud | electrical sheet shearing
  • Since 1985 Rivadossi Trafilerie has been manufacturing special equipment for spark erosion (EDM) and currently offers a full array of products for this revolutionary cutting technique.
    Tarnija: Traadi tõmbamine - värvilisest metallist | drawn brass wire products | wireworks | brass wire | special drawn wire for spark machining
  • Borghi specialises in manufacturing steering axles for small trucks and tractors, axles with dual wheels, axles with brakes, electric and hydraulic driving wheels. Accessories for trucks.
    Tarnija: Tööstuslike kärude rattad | Erirattad | Sõidukite teljed | Mehaanilised ülekandesüsteemid ja -komponendid | magliocco canino
  • A modern company, specialising in the construction of tooling for the extrusion of rigid, semi-rigid, soft and expanded PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS, polyamide, etc.
    Tarnija: Plastmassi- ja kummitööstuses kasutatavad vormid | Armeeritud plastide vormimine | Kummi ja plasti pritsevormimine | drawplate | construction of extrusion moulds

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