EURAL GNUTTI S.p.A. produced their first semi-finished product made from aluminium in 1968, taking advantage of the Gnutti family's twenty years experience working with light alloys, the third generation of which now works within the company. The production structure includes a foundry and a production facility for semi-finished products made from aluminium. The company employees more than 400 people and operates in a total surface area of over 400, 000 m². Fitted with the most modern casting and extrusion installations, EURAL GNUTTI S.p.A. is at the cutting edge of the production of bars, tubes, and profiles made from various aluminium alloys.


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Alumiinium ja alumiiniumsulamid /  industrial profiled parts /  aluminium and alloys /  precision slicing /  hexagonal aluminium bars /  round aluminium bars /  CUTTING /  flat aluminium bars /  extrusion of aluminium sections /  metal welding /  drawn aluminium bars /  SLICING /  EXTRUSION /  extruded rods /  metal cut to size /  profiles for the car industry /  aluminium oxidation /  anodic oxidation of metals /  aluminium square bars /  aluminium welding /  ANODISATION /  anodised profiles /  aluminium bars /  Welding technology /  painting on aluminium /  aluminium profiles /  aluminium extruded parts /  stainless rods /  aluminium extruded bars /  VARNISHING /  metal deburring /  aluminium /  anodised aluminium / 



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